Religion and the Relationship With the LGBT People

In ways more than one, our times remind a person starkly about tumult and turmoil, unlike anything we have seen for centuries. From revolutions to people finally waking up to their rights, this is a momentous occasion for the human species for sure.
Sitting here at this desk at a corner of the world, speaking to another person from a different civilization and milieu, Dickens captured the mood of the moment well in his classic “The Tale of Two Cities”.

The Fear of Change

Like civilization exists due to the efforts people put in to maintain them, so does social ills and evils. The topic for several newspaper articles addressing the online world as a threat to peace, the internet is guiding the way to a new awakening, one that promises to bring even more fundamental change than the Renaissance. This would be a great topic for a bestessay article assignment. But just like there is one person for progress, there are five others who are too scared to face anything other than what they have at the moment.

The Right Starting Point

Religion has been there since the inception of human civilization. Science, in contrast, is the radical upstart. But what is going to be a human standpoint? One of tolerance and humanism or a scientific rigidity about what constitutes to be a normal human being or one of religious orthodoxy.

Science Is Guilty Too

Science like religion discriminates as well when people fail to capture the essence of rational inquiry. From the treatment of homosexual people through electric shocks to the ethical trap of ethnical genetics, it is of prime importance to get the spirit right. Religion has even a worse history when it comes to tolerance. And humanistic tolerance is often the cloak for Machiavellianism in today’s world. There must be a lot of essayshark essays on the topic I think so I need not discuss it here.

What Is the Issue?

The question that is before us in such situations, is what exactly is wrong. Why are there such recurring paradigms of absurdity throughout human history? That has got to do a lot with human nature. The famed satanic twist as many essays in the best online essay writing services will find the way out.

Subjectivity of Nature

The basis of the abnormality criteria needs to switch from objectivity to subjectivity with one crucial rider, the ethics of non-harm to others. Like we can cite homosexuality as being considered to be a mental disease to be treated in the severest manner we can think of, there are other aspects of human beings who we consider to be aberrations and that can be disturbing. The keyword here is more than simply consent, it goes into enlightened awareness. And even more, one that is of humanistic tolerance.

The Way Forward

Let’s hope that the upstart Science realizes that the key to its success is partly due to the fact that it is another path for the realization of truth like all true religions. Let’s hope human beings can learn from the creed of humanism how to accept the diversity of all kinds, all keeping in mind with the rider of non-harm to others and enlightened awareness.
The problem is not with religion but our fear of diversity and difference. While you are pondering over what led us to this, it also helps you determine whether you should indeed hire academic writers as per this discussion of is canadian writings legit?