For huge list of fundraising ideas, visit EGAD! Ideas .

For a shorter list, visit the Student Ministry Network .


We’ve also highlighted 3 ideas below that churches have found to be both great fundraising ideas and great ministry:

1. Selling Shares

Invite congregation or community members to make an investment in the mission work of youth in the congregation, offering the opportunity to “buy shares” in the mission effort (many set a price of $10 or $20 per share).  Print certificates to present to the investors.  Perhaps most importantly, create a plan to “pay back” the investment.  This could include:  a visit from a couple of youth to present pictures or a video of their experience, an investor dinner, letters from the youth while on mission, etc.  How the investment “pays” will be a big support in future mission fundraising efforts.

2. S ilent Auction with Youth Services

The silent auction is used today as a fundraiser in many settings, but with this twist it becomes both a fundraiser and a ministry.  Ask youth to identify gifts that they have such as playing a musical instrument, playing a sport, listening to people, baking cookies, in great shape, etc.  Then design a service they can offer based on that gift (soccer lessons for a child, musical lessons, a monthly visit to a shut-in for 12 months, 3 dozen baked cookies for a designated event, a fall yard clean-up, etc.  In addition to or instead of donated auction items, include the youth services.  Members will appreciate the opportunity to bid on experiences where the youth will be involved in ministry.

3. Seed Money

This is a great example of ministry experience meets fundraiser.  Ask members of your congregation to invest in a real life example of the parable of the talents.  Instead of simply giving to support a mission trip or fundraiser, you’re asking them to make the same donation but allow for it to grow in a ministry experience with the youth based on the parable of the talents.  Using the donated money, offer seed money to the youth with instructions to invest and make it grow.  Give a specified amount of time (30 days, 40 days, etc.), then join with the investors and youth for a celebration where everyone returns with their earnings and it all gets donated to the mission or fundraising cause.

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