Bishop’s Youth Rally 2014



MARCH 8, 2014

Noblesville First UMC/Noblesville East Middle School

$35.00 per person

This year’s theme is LOVE ROCKS!, aiming to reach youth with the powerful message of God’s love for us and His command for us to love others. This event will inspire youth to claim this love and their potential to change the world around them by sharing the love of God with others. Through engaging main sessions, workshops and small group discussions, youth will tackle topics such as bullying, dating and relationships, showing God’s love to others, and the importance of living their faith in every day life. All will leave inspired and equipped to make a difference in their homes, churches, schools and beyond!  Scripture focuses for the theme are 1 John 4:7-20, Matthew 22:36-40, John 13:34-35.

Cost includes lunch. T-shirts can be pre-ordered for $15 each at time of registration. Registration deadline: February 18, 2014

THIS YEAR’S RALLY INCLUDES WORKSHOP OPPORTUNITIES FOR BOTH HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL YOUTH! Groups will be separated for workshops designed to reach each age group. Main sessions will engage all ages.


Gracie Schram – Main Stage Presenter/Workshop Leader

Inspired by a sermon series at her church, Church of the Resurrection, Gracie used her God given talents as a singer/songwriter to help orphans in Africa and Haiti. She just released her second CD and has raised over $20,000, building two fish ponds in Africa and an orphan home in Haiti where twelve boys live. Her next goal is another orphan home and then an entire orphan village!

Gracie Schram, now 14, is passionate about singing, passionate about God and passionate about using her gifts to help others. Her mission statement is “If you feel God calling you to do something, you should do it!” Her writing is wise beyond her years and she is creating catchy melodies that leave you wanting to hear them again and again. Her voice is powerful and sweet at the same time and her message is inspirational. Learn more about her music and ministry .

Moriah Peters – Main Stage Presenter/Workshop Leader

Everyone is faced with choices that impact their lives –sometimes subtly, other times profoundly.  For nineteen-year-old, singer/songwriter Moriah Peters the way she chooses to live her life is a unique and bold declaration that provides the title, and first single, of her debut album I Choose Jesus , releasing April 17 (Reunion Records). “I Choose Jesus” is rooted in an experience my senior year of high school,” she says. “I was one of very few Christians.  I was ridiculed, interrogated by my classmates.  They got to me.  I wasn’t prepared to answer a lot of those questions.  I grew up with Christianity, but I had never had to defend it before.  I sought out answers to their questions.  That strengthened my faith.  I’m grateful for those times.  It gave me the opportunity to make my faith my own.”  As a result of this and other experiences, her convictions grew stronger and her songwriting became saturated with a wealth of personal experience and insight that has given her wisdom beyond her years. Learn more about her music and ministry at

Roy Tosh – Main Stage Presenter/Workshop Leader

A fresh young talent with a profound message for students, Roy Tosh is a rapper with a message. As a high school student, Roy Tosh lived for the limelight of fame on the basketball court—and the benefits of his earned reputation when he stepped off the court. After graduating from high school, Roy Tosh encountered God in such a powerful way that he waved goodbye to his personal fame and instead began a relentless pursuit to represent the Famous One. Despite the absence of a musical background, Roy Tosh found himself filled with a message that poured out of his soul through rap music. Remembering the influence that secular rap artists had on his teenage years, Roy Toshknew that there was no better way for him to reach students with a positive message. For more info on Roy Tosh, visit .

Matt McCoy – Worship Leader

Matt McCoy is a worship leader and songwriter from Chicago, IL. Matt has a heart to see people connect with God through passionate and intimate worship. He and his band travel leading worship for conferences, retreats and other events around the country. He’ll be familiar to many of our youth, as he led worship at ThatThing in 2012! For more information on Matt’s ministry visit .

Bishop Mike Coyner

“Bishop Mike” as most people call him, is originally from Anderson, Indiana. He served churches of various sizes, served as a District Superintendent of the former Lafayette District, and was also the Executive Assistant to Bishop Woodie W. White for the Indiana Area. He was elected a bishop of the United Methodist Church in 1996 and was assigned to the Dakotas Area where he served two terms as resident bishop. In 2004 he was assigned to serve the Indiana Area, and in 2012 he was assigned to a third term.


8-9:00 AM Registration

9:00 AM Main Stage Session 1

11:00 AM High School/Middle School Workshop 1

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Main Stage Session 2

2:00 Q&A w/ Bishop Mike

3:00 PM High School/Middle School Workshop 2

4:00 PM Worship w/ Bishop Mike & Matt McCoy


Youth will hear about 3 exciting UMC mission projects to share God’s love with the people of Africa by helping to provide clean water, education and resources for women and children. They will learn how they can support these missions as a group and be invited to give generously to the special offering during closing worship.

The special offering will support ministry with:
Africa University
Clean Water in Africa
Friendly Planet/Mission Discovery Mission Trip To Katanga


  1. I was wondering if there was a schedule of the day available and are we on our own for lunch?

  2. Carolyn Hegel

    I may have missed it, but what are the age requirements for this event?


    • inumcconnect

      This event is for Middle – High School youth. There will be main stage sessions geared to reach all age levels. We will split the high school and middle school students for workshops designed to reach their age levels. Hope this helps!

  3. Christine Kindlesparger

    When do you think we will be dismissed?

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