Presenter Schedules


1:00 PM Workshops
Pop Culture and Extended Adolescence – Chris Schaffner
Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches – Stephanie Caro
Be An Uncommon Leader – Terry Linhart

3:00 PM Workshops
Developing a Solid Volunteer Team – Stephanie Caro
Ministering to Young Adults & College Students – Travis Jeffords & Sarah Franklin
Decorating Spaces – Nancy Bellinger

6:00 PM Workshops
Building Community in Rural Ministry – Brent Lacy
Communication Tips for Family Ministry – Stephanie Riebe
Living Healthy – Mark & Cathy Cornelison

7:30 PM – Main Session & Worship
Steve Argue
Helene Foust
Dave Williamson


8:30 AM Main Session & Worship
Dave Csinos
Leneita Fix

11:30 AM Workshops
Keeping Kids Engaged in the Story – Karen Grant
When Their Baby Becomes a Zombie – Leneita Fix
Sustainable Youth & Children’s Ministry – Jen Dejong

2:00 PM Workshops
Working With Super Busy Teenagers – Aaron Helman
The Art of Bible Storying – Michael Novelli
How to Transform the KidMin Mentality in An Aging Congregation – Alex Lamb

3:30 PM Workshops
The Ins and Outs of Preschool Ministry – Jen Huff
Keeping Your Cup Full While Pouring Out to Others – Chris Schaffner
Strategies for Rural Youth Ministry – Brent Lacy

5:00 PM – Closing Session & Worship
Danita Brick
Jen DeJong
Helene Foust

Workshop schedule subject to change.


  1. Susan Barrett

    There are 3 workshops that were described that were not on the schedule list. Does that mean they are not offered at this conference?
    They are:
    1. Children’s ministry in the way of Jesus
    2. Connecting ministry silos
    3. No parent pushed aside

    Thank you!

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