Stewardship and Finance

Stewardship Campaign Resources

Enough:  Stewardship Program Guide - Adam Hamilton

– Bob Crossman

– Jennifer Tyler & Michael Reeves

Foundation/Giving Resources

The Lake Institute of Faith and Giving at IUPUI

The Indiana UMC Loan Fund – The United Methodist Foundation of Indiana

Ideas & Reflections

The Giving Kiosk idea – a blog reflection posted here with links to providers.

Never underestimate the power of saying thank you.

Don’t forget to celebrate when goals are met.

Teach and preach on stewardship throughout the year, not just during a fall drive.

Stewardship messages are about teaching and helping community members grow in understanding, as opposed to just asking for money.

Celebrate the little victories, and claim them as soon as they happen!

“You don’t have to protect people’s wallets.”  -Virgil Bjork