Alternative Giving options this Christmas

I have always been thankful for my family’s ability to give good gifts. They always found the practical items that were actually wanted.  I remember the year that my husband and I received the gift of a dishwasher – I think my husband shed a few tears of joy!  But, as I grow older, it seems we need less and less stuff (practical or otherwise). In recent years, we have begun to exchange gifts of items given in the other person’s honor: a beehive, chickens, fresh drinking water, etc. Intentionally changing the life of someone is so much more powerful and loving of a gift than another sweater. So, if you’re looking to show your love by giving a gift, but you can’t decide what to give the person who already has it all, try one of these options.

Donations for any of the projects listed are accepted through the Advance, and can be given through your local church by noting the recipient or project along with your gift.

Consider making a donation to your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity . Though the money you donate won’t exclusively go for the items listed, this list helps you think about the expenses involved in building a Habitat home.

Your gift could help buy:
$10 = Box of Nails
$25 = Roof Shingles
$50 = Door Bell
$75 = Set of Light Fixtures
$100 = Kitchen Sink
$250 = Front Door
$500 = Water Heater
$1000 = Home Siding
$2000 = Flooring

A year of support for a student through Operation Classroom is $240.00 and that includes:

  • A full year of tuition at a United Methodist Secondary School
  • Assistance with program and operating costs @ the student’s school
  • Access to medical care
  • The opportunity to establish a relationship with your student (Note: To protect your privacy, all communication goes through the OCI office.)
  • Most important of all, your student will come to understand that he or she is God’s beloved child, that he or she has value, and that God has a purpose for their life.

Creative Women of the World p rovides business training and marketing solutions to women around the world rising out of extreme poverty, human trafficking, and tragic disaster, through the power of their own creativity. Shop online at or in the Fort Wayne store. Or, a $250 donation covers the expenses for training one woman.

UMCOR has also created an alternative giving guide available at . It includes ways to support their work in disaster response, global health, sustainable development and recovery, and more.

Allison Curts
Associate Director of Mission and Advocacy

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