Should we Send a Team? A Historical Perspective (A Mission Trip FAQ)

As our churches, mission committees, and us as individuals consider what it means to be “doing mission work,” there is always a challenge of knowing when to financially support a cause or when to be hands on.  Taylor Walters Denyer (executive director of Friendly Planet Missiology) has provided some wonderful insight on how to work through this question.  I appreciate Taylor tackling such a challenging topic!

“Here’s the scenario: Your congregation, which has excellent ministries in your own community, feels called to get involved in a ministry in a faraway place. Some of your congregants say that you should send a team to offer assistance and build relationships. They want to get to know the leaders and the ministry before making a decision on whether or how much money should be sent. Besides, they say, these trips let us learn from each other in profound life-changing ways. Others are skeptical. They say that the ‘help’ that teams give is often not helpful and can even be harmful. Too often these trips smell of poverty tourism and are insensitive to those we visit. Considering the thousands of dollars spent on plane tickets, those ministries would be much better off if you just sent financial support instead.”

Read the rest of this post at Taylor’s blog .

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