Money: Joy or Burden?

Whenever you gather people to talk about mission work in church (or perhaps just about any type of ministry), the subject of money always seems to surface.  How do we pay for it?  Is it in the budget?

Serving others is no exception.  Though some community outreach can be done for free or super cheap, money usually ends up being involved.  From my encounters across the state, it seems that churches handle their finances regarding missions in many ways.  Some churches include it all in the budget.  For others it is entirely extra giving outside of the church budget.  Some do a mix of both.  Several churches follow the “faith promise” giving model.  A few churches even tithe to missions from their general budget (giving 10% of all income).

No matter how your finances are managed, I challenge you to take a look at your church’s spending in comparison with the vision of your church.  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) Does this statement by Jesus just apply to us as individuals or to churches as well?  Where is the heart of your church?

A family member of mine once attended a church that had a huge passion for missions.  In fact, this church was so dedicated they put 50% of their entire budget toward serving others.  That meant if they wanted to spend $50,000 improving their building, they would raise an extra $50,000 to give away.  Now that’s a church that truly has mission work in their heart.

How do you make mission giving a priority in your church?  What challenges do you face?

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