Mission Weekend: Old Model or Making a Comeback?

One weekend a year dedicated to missions.

Missionaries are invited to speak, food is served, the church is decorated, money is raised, events are planned in homes, and maybe even a question is asked of who feels called to serve.

Some churches have been doing this for years (maybe even since the 1950’s).  For some it has lost it’s excitement and meaning.  It used to be the highlight of the year, but the passion just isn’t there anymore.

Other churches are looking for ways to educate and involve people in missions, and this idea is just what they need.  They are excited about the possibility of, for the first time, inviting someone serving abroad to share in their very own church and inspire others.  The idea has ignited a new passion for missions.

Is the mission weekend an old model, or is it finding new life with a new generation?  If you’ve been doing a mission weekend for years, how do you keep the passion alive?

Starting something new can be a lot of work.  Stopping something that’s been happening for years can be even harder.  But provoking a passion for mission in your congregation is absolutely necessary.  Is your church doing the same thing as always, or are you searching for relevant and fresh ways to connect people to service?

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