5 Ways To Get Your Whole Church Involved In Youth Ministry

After almost a whole month on the road and a super amazing vacation, I am back to the wonderful world of blogging!  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked the question “How do I get more people involved in youth ministry?” during the month of October. I am excited that the question is being asked! Here are 5 ideas to help get you started. Feel free to comment with ideas or ways that have worked for you!

Invite. You might think you already do this but the typical method of invitation is through an announcement looking for volunteers or for some kind of donation. Invite your church members to simply come and be part of the ministry. Host an open house so that they can tour your space, learn about what youth have been studying, see pictures of the summer mission trip, ask youth questions, etc. This will help your church see a bigger picture of your youth ministry. Invite key leaders to drop in on an activity or Bible study. Let them know you just want them to see what you’re up to.

Ask youth to recruit volunteers and mentors. I know volunteer recruiting is hard. I know good people say no. I also know that youth who invite adults to be part of the ministry have a higher success rate than most youth workers. Ask your students to think of one person in the church who would be a great mentor or volunteer, and then challenge them to invite that person. Give youth everything they need to make the invite successful ( job description , dates and times needed). Note: This doesn’t relieve you of one of your most important responsibilities to recruit authentic volunteers for youth ministry.

Be visible. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is true! If your regular meeting space is hidden somewhere down in the basement, or if you’re in a separate building altogether, and the only time your church members see you is on youth Sunday, there is no way they’ll be thinking of you when making important decisions or planning activities. Make sure your youth have a consistent presence in the congregation through service, worship and fellowship opportunities and through all of your church’s communication methods (web, social media, newsletters, announcements).

Think partnerships. When planning your youth calendar (and I hope you do that!), intentionally build in ways to partner with other ministries. Planning a mission trip? Work with the mission team in your church to create a joint mission trip that emphasizes building relationships while serving. Planning a youth picnic? Work with the children’s ministry and UMW to make it an all church picnic and be intentional about planning activities that will get people talking. Would you love to see more youth in worship? Work with the worship team to incorporate more youth in the service. Better yet! Add youth to your worship team!

Get your senior pastor on board. I know he or she is busy doing senior pastor things, but one of the best tools to get your whole church involved is your senior pastor. Talk with your senior pastor about ways he or she can share the great things happening in youth ministry, such as incorporating youth stories in his or her sermon, inviting members to participate in an activity, encouraging members to volunteer, adding youth to functional (notice the word functional =) teams and committees, etc.

I hope these ideas help! Thanks for all you do for youth! You’re making a difference!

Helene Foust
Associate Director of Student Ministries
Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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  1. One of our mission at Woodlawn Church is to guide our youths by getting them involve in the youth ministry and be evangelized by the teachings of GOD through the church organization. This post have really provided us some great tips in how our church will get youth to join the church activities.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post!

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