World Communion Sunday: Why It’s Worth Celebrating

Sunday, October 6 is World Communion Sunday, a day when Christians all over the world celebrate communion together.  In the United Methodist Church we also use it as a time to raise funds to provide scholarships.  Don’t see the connection? Keep reading… Here are three reasons why you or your church should consider participating.

1. Jesus told us to. In Luke 22:17-19 , Jesus takes a cup of wine, breaks some bread, and gives them to his disciples to drink and eat.  He says, ”do this in remembrance of me.”  It really doesn’t get more clear than that. Jesus tells us that when we break bread together we should remember Him, His sacrifice on the cross, and the grace given to us all.  We remember the God’s love is great and redeeming in our life and the lives of others.

2. Everybody else is doing it. But seriously, everyone is…that’s the whole point.  Christians the world over are communing together on the exact same day. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you think about the fact there are approximately 7 billion people in the world. And our mission is to make disciples of Jesus to transform the world? That’s no small task. But taking time to remember just how many others are out there living out this same mission globally can be truly awe-inspiring.  We are not alone.

3. It helps grow the church. As we take the time to think about Christians all over the world making disciples of Jesus, the UMC takes this day one step further and puts thought into action. The church needs leaders all over the world, and as John Wesley I’m sure would agree, education helps to build strong leadership. We collect a special offering that provides scholarships to students.  Here’s exactly where the offering goes:

  • 50% goes to World Communion Scholarships : Scholarships for international and U.S. (racial and ethnic minority) graduate students.  At least half of the annual amount goes to ministries beyond the United States.
  • 35% goes to the Ethnic Scholarship Program: Scholarships for national and international undergraduate students in the U.S..
  • 15% goes to the Ethnic In-Service Training Program: Providing scholarships for racial and ethnic minority people seeking second careers in church-related vocations.

You can give at your local church (they send the monies collected to the Indiana Conference), or you can give online .


If your church already participates in this day, thank you. I’m sure you already know of its powerful purpose and the impact you are making. If you don’t, I challenge your church (or even just you) to give it a try. Communing with God is always transformative, but doing so with the whole world…that’s something world changing.

Allison Curts
Assoc. Director of Missions and Advocacy

Find resources for World Communion Sunday here.

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