Thoughts On Empowering Leadership

Do you value people? I mean, really value them? Do you look at each person and appreciate their uniqueness and giftedness to serve God and His people?

One of the important jobs of a leader is investing in and empowering other leaders. Being an empowering leader involves valuing the person God has made them to be, and investing in the lives of people to:

  • Help them realize they are uniquely gifted and called to serve by God.
  • Equip them with tools to develop their gifts.
  • Pray with and for them… all the time!
  • Challenge them to get out of their comfort zones and use their gifts to lead in bold and courageous ways
  • Inspire them to embrace the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Open their eyes to the value of the setting in which God has placed them in, and explore with them the endless possibilities for life changing ministry right in their midst.
  • Hold them accountable for their goals and spiritual growth.

When we can do these things, I am confident that we will develop stronger leaders who embrace God’s calling on their lives and the people around them. Can you imagine how that could transform our world?

Lord, Thanks for the people you place in our lives, to lead and to learn from. Thank you for the people who have empowered and developed us, and thank YOU for the gifts you have given us to serve. Help us to value one another… to love one another… to serve one another. Let us always see the greatness you have placed in each of your children, and strive to help them see it too. Lead us as we lead others, and let us lead someone closer to you today. We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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